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Procedure Description Member Savings*
Periodic Exam 25%
Problem Focused Exam 25%
Full Mouth X-Rays NO CHARGE
Bitewings - 4 Films 25%
Panoramic Film NO CHARGE
Adult Cleaning 25%
Child Cleaning 25%
Fluoride 25%
Sealant - Per Tooth 25%
Filling - One Surface, Anterior 25%
Stainless Steel Crown 25%
Therapeutic Pulpotomy 25%
Root Canal - Anterior 25%
Root Canal - Molar 25%
Crown - Porcelain/Ceramic 25%
Periodontal Maintenance 25%
Complete Denture 25%
Partial Denture 25%
Simple Extraction 25%
Surgical Extraction 25%

*Member savings may vary by location. Free services limited to 2x per member/per annual membership term.

Procedure Description Member Pays*
Periodic Exam $30
Problem Focused Exam NO CHARGE
Comprehensive Exam NO CHARGE
Bitewings - 2 Films NO CHARGE
Bitewings - 4 Films NO CHARGE
Panoramic Film NO CHARGE
Adult Cleaning $60
Child Cleaning $45
Sealant - Per Tooth $30
Filling - One Surface, Anterior $104
Crown - Porcelain/Ceramic $760
Stainless Steel Crown $185
Therapeutic Pulpotomy $115
Root Canal - Anterior $477
Root Canal - Molar $555
Periodontal Maintenance $94
Complete Denture (Upper or Lower) $888
Partial Dental (Upper or Lower) $1,008
Simple Extraction $110
Surgical Extraction $183

*Member pays may vary by location. Free services limited to 2x per member/per annual membership term.

what our members think

Joseph P.
Joseph P.
Until we became members with Alliance Dental Plan we were hesitant on visiting the dentist because we didn't know how much it would cost. Now that we're members, we are seeing the dentist frequently and know exactly what our dental care will cost before we step foot in the dental office!"
Taylor S.
Taylor S.
Alliance Dental Plan works great for our family; we can use it as often as we like or just for our routine exams, x-rays and cleanings. As members, we can finally can afford to visit the dentist every six months and our oral health has never been better. Now that's something to smile about!
Victoria S.
Victoria S.
I was relieved to find out my dentist has a membership plan for patients like me without dental insurance. For a low annual membership fee, I receive free exams and x-rays, plus 25% off all other dental procedures. Saving money on quality dental care has never been easier!

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Alliance Dental Plan is NOT INSURANCE, but rather a licensed dental savings plan offered through your local dental office. Members in good standing with their annual membership fee are eligible to receive transparent, member-only discounts from the normal retail fees that participating offices typically charge self-pay patients for dental services rendered. Plan details and member savings are exclusive to participating offices and may vary by location. Membersy does not make payments directly to dental providers for services rendered to plan members. Members are obligated to pay for all dental services, but will receive a discount on services rendered by participating dental providers. The plan is not a qualified health plan under the Affordable Health Act. The plan does not meet the minimum creditable coverage requirements under MGLC.111M and 956 CMR 5.00. Discount Medical Plan Organization (“DMPO”) and plan administrator: Membersy LLC, 811 Barton Springs Rd. Ste. 750, Austin, TX 78704.